What Would the Donkey Do?

There are some universal truths in poker. You will get bad hands. You will get bad beats. You will get your Aces cracked. You will not always play your “A” ...

What is “playing poker in the zone”?

We all know that the moment you sit down at the poker table, you need to be fully committed to the game at hand and no distractions are allowed. This ...

Offset variance when playing Pot-Limit Omaha

Players get to choose between limit and no limit poker, whether they decide to play Texas hold ‘em or Omaha. While these two games are very different, it is only ...

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Learn the answers to popular poker questions

Poker players frequently find themselves in awkward situations and they don’t know what needs to be done because they have too many alternatives. Here, the author answers a couple of questions targeted at situations that sometimes occur and require firm action. A player in the big blind who is dealt pocket nines is supposed to […]

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Small Buy-ins Big Results

Tournament poker players will tell you that in order to have a $15,000 win in a $10 tournament you have to be ready to play a very long time and outlast a large field of opponents. While that was true in the past, it is not any longer thanks to Full Tilt Poker’s Jackpot Sit […]

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Get familiar with some popular poker terms

Poker players like to think of themselves as an elite group of people and are they take pride in the fact that they operate in a highly competitive environment. As a result, they have developed their own way of talking and various words that have a different connotation than they have in a regular dictionary. […]

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Poker Tells

Tells to Keep an Eye Out

The object of any round of poker, of course, is to have the best hand at the table.  Obviously, the challenge in this is that you do not really know if your hand is better than the other players at the table.  Either you or the other players could be bluffing.  Whatever the case, seasoned […]

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Improve tournament play and offset variance

Those who play tournaments exclusively are intimidated by the prospect of playing the final table. The reason is that they don’t know how to deal with the pressure as they spent most of the time clawing their way to the top and that’s why sometimes they get overwhelmed. By reading the questions and answers published […]

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The Stakes A Player Should Reach Before Going Pro

A common question among up and coming poker players is at what sort of stakes levels that they could theoretically play the game professionally. The key consideration here is whether they are going to be an online poker professional or a live professional, simply because an online player is going to see far more cards. […]

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Starting Hands For Texas Holdem

Starting Hands For Texas Hold’em – Cheat Sheet

Did you know it’s simple to start playing Texas Hold’em? It’s even easier to learn how to make money in the game. Though, it’s even harder to actually make money in the game. If you’re not careful enough, you might not make anything at all. It’s all because making money in Texas Hold’em is about […]

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hollywood star with spade

Politicians, Geeks and Stars Of Poker

One of the great aspects of poker is that anyone can play. Any player willing to take a few minutes to learn the rank of the starting hands in Texas Hold’em and to study the rules of the game can compete against and even beat the pros. Regular players include prominent figures from the world […]

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Close to Perfect

Ways to Improve Your Poker Skills

Here’s a simple poker fact; if you want to improve at poker you must study the game.  Fortunately there are multiple ways to do so including: Reading poker books and blogs Watching poker Discussing poker with other players Playing poker One venue that incorporates all of the various study methods is online poker training sites. […]

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Reading Tells in Limit Poker

Being able to read tells in poker is just one of the skills of a successful poker player. Once the topic of tells entered the mainstream poker conversation, the concept of “false-tells” also entered the discussion. Zachary Elwood is one of poker’s leading authorities in the field of poker tells and discusses tells at his […]

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