Offset variance when playing Pot-Limit Omaha

Players get to choose between limit and no limit poker, whether they decide to play Texas hold ‘em or Omaha. While these two games are very different, it is only ...

Reading Tells in Limit Poker

Being able to read tells in poker is just one of the skills of a successful poker player. Once the topic of tells entered the mainstream poker conversation, the concept ...

The thin line between playing tight and scared (vid)

Poker is largely a game of skill but luck plays its fair part, and that’s why many poker players are sometimes scared to do the right thing. Knowing that you ...

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Close to Perfect

Ways to Improve Your Poker Skills

Here’s a simple poker fact; if you want to improve at poker you must study the game.  Fortunately there are multiple ways to do so including: Reading poker books and blogs Watching poker Discussing poker with other players Playing poker One venue that incorporates all of the various study methods is online poker training sites. […]

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Flipout Tournaments logo

New Format Poker Tournaments Announced By Full Tilt

Full Tile Poker has done it again – releasing a new variation destined to become a popular option for online poker players. The new structure has been given the name Flipout and will represent the fastest way for a person to get poker action with no delays. As the name implies, the tournament will consist […]

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Τhe language of blackjack

The Language of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino and it is now available at Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt offers four varieties of blackjack; Micro-Stakes, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack and Double Deck Blackjack.  Micro-Stakes and European Blackjack are played with six 52 card decks. Atlantic City Blackjack is played with eight […]

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Making an educated choice between American/European Roulette

No other casino game can match roulette in terms of popularity and the fact that it has been around for such a long time, which only partially explains it success. Without being a modern invention, the game of roulette has evolved and keeps changing every year, with online casinos being at the forefront of innovation. […]

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Maximizing value from big poker hands (vid)

Every poker player dreams of looking down at pocket Aces or Kings when playing at high-stakes, or when reaching the final stages of a major tournament. The reason for why these hands are sought after is that they give you the edge over your opponents and they’re fairly easy to play. It is always preferable […]

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Can brain training software help poker players?

There are plenty of questions that poker players frequently ask themselves regarding various applications that were tailored to enhance the effectiveness at the tables. Anyone who is even remotely interested in building a successful career in this line of work is probably familiar with how poker tracking software work. In fact, most professionals are routinely […]

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Use Your Poker Math Skills For Good… And Not Evil

Today’s online poker games are tougher and more complicated than in the past — thanks to the amount of highly skilled poker players who now dominate the online poker scene. Though, most of those players don’t just get better at the game by playing the game. They also understand the game. They understand the actual […]

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A Simple Strategy For… Super Turbo Sit-and-Gos

The Super Turbo Sit-and-Go. These hyper-fast versions of your standard sit-and-go tournament make most poker players break out into a sweat. And, that’s just not beginners, but seasoned poker players and poker pros! Super Turbo Sit-and-Go are a type of nine-handed poker tournament series that often start players off with 300 chips. Each series generally […]

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Texas Hold’em Essential Moves – The Check-Raise

Did you know? Learning how to win in poker isn’t just about understanding the fundamentals. Of course, understanding the fundamentals in any context can help take a person’s game from ‘just okay’ to  ‘exceptional.’ Though, the fundamentals are just one part that every player should follow to get better at playing and winning poker games. […]

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Tips For PokerStars Steps EPT Qualifiers

PokerStars is known for hosting all sorts of unique qualifiers for many big live poker tournament series associated with them, including the famous European Poker Tour. These typically online qualifiers are a neat and great way for poker players to get into the game, without having to already have participated in live poker qualifiers for […]

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